Need Insurance Claim Help In Fort Lauderdale? Call Our Public Adjusters!

Need Insurance Claim Help In Fort Lauderdale? Call Our Public Adjusters! Fort Lauderdale Public Adjusters Our team of experienced public adjusters in Fort Lauderdale are standing by and ready to help progress your insurance claim to an accurate settlement. We have helped policyholders in Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida recover settlements that were rightly…
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Fort Lauderdale Insurance Claims, Get The Best Adjusters on Your Side!

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When it Comes to Fort Lauderdale Insurance Claims, Having The Best Adjuster on Your Side Can Make All the Difference!

A roof leak on a home after storm damage in Fort Lauderdale, FL is the sort of project you’d enlist the services of Florida’s Best Public Adjusters to help you. When you’re a home or business owner, you assume many responsibilities and there’s no telling when hardship or tragedy may strike. You may find yourself with some serious liability in regards to your Fort Lauderdale home or business if you’re not adequately protected in the form of insurance.

Simply having insurance alone often isn’t enough, as more often than not, the insurance companies have their own interests at heart. When someone has a property damage claim, public adjusters represent the policy holder as their advocate to make sure they get a fair compensation for the damages. Therefore, anyone with an insurance claim due to home or commercial property damage would do well to engage the services of an public adjuster to make sure they get a fair settlement from their insurance company.

Stephen Lippy, the owner and senior public adjuster of Florida’s Best Public Adjusters, noted that the services his company provides are vital to anyone dealing with insurance companies over home or commercial damage claims.

“Our claims adjuster professionals have been helping homeowners get proper settlements for more than three decades.”  

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters specializes on professional insurance claim representation for the following types of loses: water damage, roof leaks, hurricane, flood, smoke and fire, mold, business interruptions and more. Best of all, when you hire the best public adjuster to represent you, you will not have to personally deal with your insurance company.

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters offers public adjuster services at zero up-front cost to you. Their public adjuster professionals have been helping homeowners in the entire state of Florida. With offices located in Boca Raton FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Fort Myers FL, Orlando FL, Tallahassee FL, the best assistance is just one call away.

When To File a Home Insurance Claim?

How do you decide when file a home insurance claim? Following the significant loss to your home, it may feel like a race to make repairs and make an insurance claim.  While most policies require you take all reasonable steps to mitigate your damages, they also expect the homeowner to show the damaged property to…
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Tips to Create a Home Inventory From Your Favorite Public Adjuster

How to Document Your Personal Property?  The Importance of a Home Inventory. When disaster strikes, having a home inventory ready will speed up your claims handling process. Also, it may relieve the stress and the overwhelming burden of preparing one after the fact.   A home inventory ensures that homeowners are sufficiently prepared, in terms of…
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