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Welcome Homeowner! Learn more about the claims process

floodingThank you for entrusting your insurance claim to Florida’s Best Public Adjusters, Inc. We are committed to securing a fair and equitable insurance settlement for you.

This document is intended to walk you through the insurance claims process. PLEASE READ IT THOROUGHLY! While we strive to take the “complicated” out of the insurance claims process on your behalf, you will still have questions.

Your public adjuster will photograph, sketch, take infrared pictures when needed, collect your policy information, make copies of all paperwork and complete our letter of representation for your signature.

Why Choose Florida’s Best Public Adjusters?

Step 1

Within 24 hours, we will file your claim with your insurance company along with our Letter of Representation which authorizes us to represent you.

Step 2

Within one week, we will schedule an inspection with the insurance company adjuster to review your loss. This will be scheduled at a time convenient to you. Of course, one of our adjusters will attend.

Step 3

We will prepare an estimate of damages and provide that to the insurance company, along with all other required documentation. We may need to contact you for additional documentation or information and generally do that by email or telephone. Please check your spam folder for emails and status reports we may send you regarding your claims process.

Step 4

We have requested that your insurance company conduct all contact through our office, if they contact you refer them to us

More Tips & Information

  • DO NOT sign or agree to anything without consulting us first.
  • Contact us if you receive anything from the insurance company that does not show us as receiving a copy.
  • Please note that your insurance company has 90 days to pay or deny your claim. Do not make any assumptions as to how much your insurance company will pay or when they will pay.
  • Payments are generally sent to our office, but occasionally will be mailed to you. In the event it is sent to you, please contact us so we can walk you through the process. Insurance company drafts are generally issued to the named insured on the policy, any mortgage holders and our company.
  • Since we are paid on a contingent fee basis, i.e., we only get paid if you do, we will issue a payout report on each payment you receive. Our policy is to endorse your insurance check at the time we receive payment from you.
  • If you have a mortgage on your home, the mortgage holder will be shown as a payee on your check, per the terms of your insurance policy. We have no control over this, nor can we get involved. It is your responsibility to contact your mortgage holder for its procedures for endorsing insurance payments. We will provide you with a copy of the estimate/award to give to your mortgage holder.
  • In some cases, and depending on your policy, Mediation is filed with the Florida Department of Financial Services. Mediation is a process where a neutral third party meets with us and the insurance company representative to reach an agreement both parties can accept. Mediation is paid for by the insurance company and offers us the opportunity to explain what we believe you are entitled to under your insurance claim. It is our job to organize and represent you at the claims process proceedings. All named insured’s are required to attend.
  • In other cases, we file a Demand for Appraisal with your insurance company. Appraisal is a process involving two appraisers, one for the insurer and one for the insured (your adjuster), who appraise the damages to your property. The two appraisers select a mutual and neutral umpire in case the two appraisers cannot agree on the amount of damage associated with the claim. The two appraisers schedule a date to inspect the property and each prepares an estimate for the sustained damages. If the two appraisers do not agree on the amount of loss, then the mutual umpire is brought in to decide the final amount of the loss. The umpire’s fees are equally shared by the insurer and the insured. Whatever decision is made in appraisal, either by the two appraisers or the umpire and one appraiser, the settlement is final. This is binding and completes the claims process. You cannot take your claim to litigation after the appraisal process is completed in most cases.
  • Generally, we are able to secure the settlement you deserve through Mediation or Appraisal. If not, we may recommend litigation and will recommend, and work with, an attorney who is highly skilled in insurance claim litigation.

You can count on our expertise to determine what course is best on your claim. Rest assured, we will employ all available measures to secure the financial settlement you deserve.

We look forward to working with you!