Dropped or Falling Objects

Do you have damage to your property resulting from a dropped or fallen item?

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Falling Objects Damage

Face it, we are all clumsy. Some accidents happen without human interaction. Heavy wall mounted objects of art fall and damage walls, floors and furniture. These falling or dropped object claims are valid and are generally able to be submitted as claims subject to your policy deductible.

In Florida the statute is to repair or replace with matching material. If your finishes are older it may be impossible to repair one area so that it matches. In that case your insurance company may be persuaded by Florida’s Best Public Adjusters to provide for the replacement of the entire floor, counter, patio tile, etc. that was a result of sudden and accidental damage to your property from a dropped or falling object.


  • Do put our number 800-952-7693 into your contacts and speed dial.
  • Do take a video of your home interior, floors, walls, counters, and furniture twice a year to prove that any dropped or falling object damage is new and not preexisting.
  • Do Call us if you suspect you have a dropped or falling object claim.
  • Do Document with multiple photographs any damage before you repair or restore the item.


  • Do not assume the damage is minor.
  • Do not report the damage to your insurance company before we are able to scope and estimate the true amount of money you are entitled to receive to repair the claim.
  • Do not repair the dropped object damage before you allow us to look at the claim.
  • Do not repair the damage before we meet the independent adjuster assigned by your insurance company so they can also inspect damage.

Cracked Tile

If you have a sudden and accidental dropped or falling object claim or think you may have one please call us at at 800-952-7693 first.

At Florida’s Best Public Adjusters, we understand that the concept of dropped or falling objects is not something you deal with every day.

Bottom Line: We represent you and not the insurance company. Your insurance company’s brokers/sales agents handed you a lengthy document that is there to protect them and not you. The agent or broker who sold you your policy represents the insurance company and not you. According to Florida State Statutes, aside from yourself, there are only two entities that can represent you with claims and dealings with your insurance company. Those two are either an attorney or a Public Adjuster (PA).

We don’t represent you if we can’t win because we don’t get paid unless you do!

According to the Florida Legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability-OPPAGA, Policy holders who hired public adjusters (PA) for non-catastrophic claims received 574% more money than those who did not hire a PA. Policy holders who hired public adjusters for Hurricane related claims received 747% more money.

Insurance companies have teams of adjusters, engineers, claims managers and preferred contractors that represent their interests.


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