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When you experience a leak in your appliances, many don’t know your insurance may not cover it. Depending on the leak and its size, many insurances claims only cover the large and unexpected leaks in Ponte Vedra Beach. If you have a slow leak that has caused damage to your home, it would be a better option to reach out to a local Ponte Vedra public adjuster. If you go to your insurance company with a small leak, they may deny your claim.

Reaching out to a public adjuster not only can steer you in the right direction when filing a claim but protects you against your insurance company. When appliance leaks are not covered, we can get you the money you deserve even if your insurance company denied the claim. Water leakage creates many damages in the home that is protected by your insurance, regardless of where the water came from. At Florida’s Best Public Adjusters, we are aware of many loopholes within the insurance industry and have experience dealing with past cases.

What to do if your insurance claim is denied or underpaid? Call our Public Adjusters for a free consultation!

Do not let your insurance company get you down or make you pay money when you could be receiving it. Whether your appliance leak came from the sink, dishwasher, washing machine, or toilet, it has created an undesirable problem within your home. Don’t stand back, act so we can offer our advice. We work for you, not the insurance company so we gladly offer our clients free damage inspections in Ponte Vedra Beach. Life can come at you fast without any warning. However, you do not have to pay the consequences.

We can assist you without any money up front. Don’t let your insurance company get one over on you. Strike back and get the damages covered the way they should be. Give us a call at (561) 715-8986 to speak with one of our public adjusters today!