You never know when opportunity will come knocking, or in this case, easing into a conversation. While attending a social function and speaking with my friends I happen to mention that my roof had shown signs of yet another leak. An adjuster from Florida’s Best Public Adjusters, by coincidence, was standing next to me and overheard my comments. He introduced himself as a Public Adjuster and asked if he could take a look the house to see the damage. I had no idea what a Public Adjuster was but when he said his inspection was free we scheduled an appointment. His inspection uncovered
damage from the recent storms in two locations of the house. Although I was certain that I had no coverage for a roof leak, he assured me that it was. I used the funds to replace the roof and repair other damage to the inside of my home. I couldn’t be happier with the service that Florida’s Best Public Adjusters provided.


Best Regards,