I am extending my sincere appreciation for your professional efforts in resolving my flood claim. You identified issues that my insurance company never mentioned. This resulted in my settlement being almost double the amount that my insurance company initially agreed to. You have been most compassionate and kind in helping me out with this disaster — the likes of which I have never experienced before. You identified damaged items that my insurance company never mentioned. You took control of the problem, so that I was not burdened with handling it by myself. You resolved the problem with my insurance claim in such a timely manner, and to my surprise, you negotiated with my homeowners insurance company, resulting in a fair settlement amount for the total damages to my condo (that were caused my neighbor). I am so grateful that the secretary of my condo phase at The Island Club referred me to you. I had no idea a company such as yours existed to help homeowners deal with homeowners insurance claims of unfair value for property damage. I will recommend you to my family and friends. Feel free to give my phone number out to any potential clients.