First and most obvious, they got us more money than we ever expected. We had storm damage after a series of strong (not hurricane) storms ravaged our Cedar SHake roof. We made a claim to the insurance company and they sent us $11,000. It was a joke. Then we got serious and after research employed Bad Dog Adjusters (aka Floridas Best Adjusters). They spent hours here, measuring, calculating and analyzing data. They then submitted a claim to the insurance company for $94,000 – we had no idea that interior damage was covered. The insurance company turned us down. Bad Dog suggested attorney Neil Singh. He went into battle like a ninja, and never let go. It took over a year, but our final cash settlement went to a total of $71,000. We replaced roof and fixed many other issues. Thank you, Sasha and Steve Lippy, and all the rest of the crew at Bad Dog. You are the best.