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Do you have damage to your property?

We will help you get paid with no upfront cost to you!

We Work for You, Not For the Insurance Company

It is our job to know exactly what your policy covers in Florida. We uncover all obvious and hidden damages, expenses, loss of use and even loss of revenue for insured perils with our free claim review.

Most people do not realize they have a claim or are hesitant to file a claim because they don’t fully understand their policy or their rights and responsibilities as an insured within their policy terms and conditions.

We go room by room, inch by inch and step by step in your free claim review.  We use sophisticated technology and software tools moderated by the state to help reveal the entire scope of damages and estimate the amount you are entitled to.

A penny saved is a penny earned! The inspection and policy review costs you NOTHING to call, but it can cost you MUCH if you don’t.

We offer a FREE 8 point, no obligation inspection plus a free claim review of your insurance policy.  You may actually be paying paying up to 40% too much.   We find most of our clients are over insured.  In Florida particularly, property values have changed and the cost of construction is less than it was five years ago.

We encourage you to fill out the form below or give us a call at 800-952-7693 to schedule your no obligation free claim review today.


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