Trust a Boca Raton Public Adjuster to Aid in Insurance Disputes

A recent article published March 20, 2015 in the South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper highlighted the importance of hiring a public adjuster to assist with an insurance claim. The article, written by Sentinel correspondent and board certified real estate attorney Gary M. Singer, was prompted by a question posed by a South Florida condo owner named Andrea. Her question was:

“There was a flood a few floors above my condo, so my unit and its contents were heavily damaged. My insurance company sent out a representative, who wants to pay me much less than what I think the damages are worth. Is there anything I can do?”

Gary’s advice was simple and straight to the point; hire a public adjuster! As licensed insurance professionals, public adjusters like the professionals at Florida’s Best Public Adjusters take aim at insurance companies trying to be cheap in order to get you the compensation you deserve for the damage to your home or property. Insurance companies are infamous for their stinginess so often times they may not want to pay up for the full amount of the damage.

Not all insurance companies are going to low-ball you, but Florida’s Best Pubic Adjusters in Boca Raton can ensure you’re getting all of the reimbursements you rightfully deserve. Serious property damage can be difficult to quantify, so hiring a public adjuster is all the more important. They can assist in assessing the damage and filing the claim paperwork to make things easier on you. Should you need to take an insurance company to court in order to receive your entitled compensation, the work done by a public adjuster can be a big help in establishing your legal case.Claims Adjusters Boca Raton

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters can offer a variety of damage assessment services for issues like water damage, mold removal, smoke and fire damage, appliance leaks and more. Boca Raton public adjusters serve a valuable purpose, just ask anyone who has dealt with an insurance company on their own. The most appealing part of hiring Florida’s Best Public Adjusters for local Boca Raton home insurance claims is that your inspection is entirely free! That’s right, call today and we’ll take a look at your damage and assess the proper course of action without it costing you a dime. Call today and get started!

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