Can Public Adjusters Help with Denied Claims?

Public Adjuster Boca RatonYou have faithfully been paying your home insurance premium and are counting on your insurance to help you when your home sustains damage, unfortunately, it is often not the case as insurance companies frequently deny payment.

There are countless ways homes throughout South Florida can become damaged including factors like fire, flooding, broken pipes and even AC leaks. Unfortunatly some homeowners find that their insurance is less than helpful when they submit a claim. If your home insurance claims in Boca Raton have been denied by your insurance company, don’t lose hope. At Florida’s Best Public Adjusters, we don’t think that anybody should accept a denied insurance claim. Our public adjusters understand how truly frustrating it can be to face a denied insurance claim, which is why we tirelessly work to help our clients fight for their rights. If your home insurance claim has been denied, don’t give up without a fight. We’re here to fight for the funds you need to get your home back to normal.

Many homeowners don’t realize they have up to three years from the date of loss to re-open a home insurance claim. If your insurance company has denied your claim, don’t fret. Our public adjusters are here to fight for the money that you deserve. Our public adjusters can help you with the appeal process as we re-open your insurance claim. It’s crucial to approach home insurance appeals through the proper means, because home insurance companies will often try to avoid settling. Unfortunately, Insurance companies are  for profit businesses and often  try very hard not to  pay what is owed to maximize their profits.  If your claim has been denied we can help you!

It’s all too easy to become frustrated when your home insurance claim is denied, but this is why it’s so important to enlist the help of a dedicated public adjuster in Florida. Our public adjusters are waiting to help you reopen your denied insurance claim. Don’t take no for an answer, call us at (561) 715-8986 to learn how we can help you at no upfront cost.

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