Please remember that we work for you, the property homeowner, to make sure you are paid fairly by the insurance company. There is absolutely no upfront cost for our services. We charge a fee of 10% of the amount of money you receive after your deductible has been met. Our contract can be canceled for any reason within 10 business days after submitting it to us.

You will immediately receive a copy of this agreement executed by us after you hit the submit button.

Upon receipt of this submitted registration agreement, we will contact you. We schedule site inspections according to the order in which we receive registration submissions

We look forward to working for you!

Claim Registration Form

  • If your property sustained roof damage and needs to be tarped, please try to take pictures of the damaged roof before the tarp is installed. Take pictures from all sides. Please be safe, pictures can be taken from the ground.
  • Do not throw out personal property you want to be paid for prior to the insurance telling you ( in writing), it’s ok to do so. If the insurance carrier’s representative doesn’t see the property, they will NOT pay for it.
  • Photograph everything before starting to clean up and photograph all your damage. Inside and outside, from far away and up close.
  • Do not give away any of your original paperwork and ask the insurance carrier to email you after each conversation. You want written proof of what you are told.
  • Beware what you are asked to sign.  If it is not in writing it did not or will not happen. Check all vendors licenses through Google, Better Business Bureau, or the appropriate Florida agency.
  • Please keep in mind that in Florida, roofers are not allowed to represent you with your insurance company and it is a felony for them to tell you that they can get your insurance company to pay for your new roof.

*You will receive a copy of this claim registration to your email