Months After Hurricane Irma, Many Florida Homeowners Are Still Awaiting Settlements

Florida’s insurers struggle to process claims created by Hurricane Irma.

Five months after Hurricane Irma moved across Florida, only half of the claims submitted to the state’s insurers have been paid. As of February 9, a total of 900,228 residential, business, and commercial claims had been filed, according to statistics from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Of that amount, 479,637 received payouts, 293,229 were closed without a settlement, and 127,362 remained under review.

The sheer scope of the destruction is perhaps the largest reason that so many Floridians still await a settlement, as the enormous number of claims has strained the resources of the state’s adjuster community. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation estimates insured losses from the hurricane at nearly $8 billion, making it one of the most expensive natural disasters in U. S. history. As a result, claim payouts in the Sunshine State have been delayed.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that unpaid claims typically result from damages below the policy’s hurricane deductibles. Experts in the state note, however, that there simply might not be enough qualified adjusters to assess the hundreds of thousands of claims filed across the country’s third most populated state. Homeowners and business owners wishing to obtain a fair settlement will benefit from hiring an experienced public adjuster to negotiate on their behalf with insurers.

In conclusion, the data gathered by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation shows that about ⅓ of all claims for Hurricane Irma are denied by the insurance company. If this has happened to you, if you claim was denied, please call us as we can help you and make sure you receive a fair settlement.

Denied or Underpaid Hurricane Irma Claim: A Public Adjusters Can Help!

Florida-based Public Adjusters can help their clients through the frustrating and sometimes lengthy process of settling a claim. Their goal is to secure a fair payout that enables the client to rebuild their home or business. Florida’s Best Public Adjuster is leading in customer service and client satisfaction. The testimonials of satisfied clients in Florida are numerous and the list of happy customers will continue to grow. Our number one priority is to advocate and represent the insured during a claim process to secure a fair settlement.

Our Public Adjusters offer first in class professional insurance representation for a wide variety of claims.  For clients whose storm damage insurance claims have been denied or underpaid, hiring a public adjuster will help.

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters services the entire state of Florida. Our offices are located in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers and Orlando FL. Our Public Adjusters can a provides professional insurance claim representation for the following types of loses: Water Damage, Roof Leaks, Hurricane, Flood, Smoke & Fire, Mold, Business Interruptions and more.

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