Thoughts & Prayers After Hurricane Irma

My thoughts and prayers go out to the tens of thousands of Floridians who are suffering still in Irma’s wake.

We have been trying to triage several dozens of calls a day. For many insureds looking for comfort we have had to explain that Hurricane deductibles apply for the damage from the storm on September 10, 2017. Many homeowners do not realize that making a claim that does not meet the deductible threshold is detrimental to you and your home’s insurance “reputation”. One should not make a claim so the insurance company can “check out” your house. Call a roofer or a general contractor, don’t call the insurance company.

If you feel you have a roof leak, call a roofer, don’t make a claim. If your roofer can prove that you have wind damage and that your roof qualifies for a replacement then you should, depending on your deductible, consider making a claim. Call us to review.

We have responded to several post Irma fires where the power pole or the line to the house shorted out when power was restored. Please, be careful.

Document, Document and Document

If you want to be reimbursed for damaged personal property, try and hold it on site so the insurance company’s adjuster can photograph it and document the damage. If possible, do not throw out anything and make sure to take copious pictures before anything is moved away.

Insurance carriers in Florida are supposed to see your house within 20 days of reporting the claim.

Be patient, it takes time to get through such a large number of claims in such a concentrated area like south and central Florida.

Better to call us to discuss your claim than to make one in haste that gets you paid zero but may raise your rate next year 3-5 percent.

We say it all the time, “Better to make a friend than make a sale”.

Best to you and yours.

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