Water Damage Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach

Water Damage Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach


In Florida, both residential and commercial properties often experience water damage.  If you’ve made a water damage claim with your insurance company and you live in West Palm Beach, Florida, we, as water damage public adjusters in West Palm Beachcan help you get the most out of your settlement and ensure a seamless procedure. It’s also one of the most common explanations given to home insurance companies for claims. This sort of insurance claim is the second most common after wind and hail damage. One inch of water can cause $25,000 worth of damage to a property, according to FEMA.

Water damage is one of the primary causes of claims filed under home insurance. The Insurance Services Office (ISO) says that water damage claims are the second most common type after wind and hail damage are taken into consideration. Every year, one in fifty homeowners file a claim due to water damage. People are understandably curious about it.

We are experts at helping homeowners because we manage water damage claims. We will carefully evaluate the water damage, help you file your claim, and negotiate the settlement with your insurance company to make sure you get the biggest compensation as soon as possible.

Water Damage Claims: Roof Damage in West Palm Beach, Florida

If the procedure is not followed exactly, filing an insurance claim for a roof leak could be difficult. Insurance companies will be wary of anyone submitting a claim and will require reliable documentation. An insurance inspector is usually dispatched to evaluate the damage. Having a roof adjuster on your side is essential because of this.

Benefits of Working with Public Adjusters

The insurance company’s adjuster strives to achieve the goals of the organization. When you work with a public loss adjuster, you may be certain that you have the right records and supporting information; in fact, they might send an experienced inspector to complete the evaluation. Making these choices could mean the difference between having your claim accepted or rejected and, more crucially, receiving the appropriate settlement sum.

Understanding Roof Leaks and Causes

Leaks in roofs can occur for various reasons. Hurricanes, tropical storms, high winds, a lot of rain, and violent storms are the main offenders. In Florida, it happens more frequently during storms and the wet season. If you know where to look, it’s typically easy to find a leak in the roof.

On the other hand, roof leaks might occasionally be difficult to find. Years may pass before any signs of degradation appear. Your ceiling’s spots, stains, or fissures could be severe indicators of a roof problem. In most cases, damage and roof leaks are covered by insurance policies when a hazard results in a loss.

The cost of replacing damaged cast iron pipes is high, and homeowners may be required to cover a significant amount of the cost out of pocket if their insurance company tries to minimize or reject a pipe failure claim.

Legally, insurance companies are required to explain their claims offer calculation process as well as the reasoning behind any denials. They also have a legal duty to look into any disagreements among policyholders. Legalese is used in the writing of insurance policies, which makes it difficult for the typical person to read and understand.

As a result, working with skilled public adjusters helps guarantee that your claim is handled correctly. Working with a broken pipe adjuster ensures that your claim will be accepted and that you will receive a considerably larger reward than if you did it yourself.

A person may easily misread their policy and believe that the insurance company’s offer is sufficient if they are unfamiliar with the terms of the policy. This might cause them to lose out on thousands of dollars.

Challenges with Old Cast Iron Pipes and Plumbing Issues

The majority of houses in Florida constructed before 1975 had cast iron drain pipes. For many years, sewage was extensively evacuated through these tubes. These pipes have a normal lifespan of 30 to 70 years.  Cast iron pipes corrode and finally break after years of exposure to sewage water. Because hidden plumbing can be discovered behind walls, in utility rooms, and crawl spaces, these issues can be difficult to find.

Consequences of Pipe Blockages and Flooding Risks

Pipe blockages are a frequent problem. Many homeowners are convinced to use chemicals that unclog drains. The high acidity of these components may hasten the aging process of old cast iron pipes.

Temporary water collection in typically dry areas is known as flooding. In the US, it is also the most frequent natural disaster. Florida is susceptible to it in its entirety. You may still be in danger even if you don’t live close to any bodies of water.

Flooding is typically not just the result of rainfall; other factors that may contribute to flooding include neighboring development projects, hurricanes, tropical storms, coastal storms, and tides.  It has the potential to seriously harm any property’s roof, electrical system, structure, or anything else that comes into contact with water.

Water Damage Claims: A/C Leak Damage in West Palm Beach, FL

Air conditioning is a necessity for both residential and business structures in Florida. Moreover, in an air conditioning system, heat and moisture are removed by warm air flowing over an evaporator coil. Consequently, this process results in the creation of condensation. Notably, blockages in the condensate drain pipe are one of the most frequent reasons why air conditioners leak water.

Your insurance policy might cover the costs of repairs if additional water damage is caused by an obstructed AC drain. Consequently, when a licensed public insurance adjuster visits you, they will evaluate your possible claim.