What is a right to repair clause in an insurance contract, do you have one in your contract and is it enforceable?

Right to Repair Clause in Homeowner's PolicyThe right to repair clause in your homeowner’s policy is similar to a car insurance company that tells you where and how your car can be fixed and it allows your home insurance companies to have the repairs performed by its own contractors.

Almost all insurance contracts have a right to repair clause in their insurance contracts and at present you cannot purchase a People’s Trust Insurance policy if you refuse the $100‐$150.00 credit for having that clause in your home insurance policy. Other companies that try to force this clause are Olympus, Florida Peninsula, Heritage and most recently Tower Hill.

What is the problem with this concept? The problem is that the insurance companies want to put your property back to the way it was before the loss occurred, (pre‐loss condition) as cheaply as possible and that the homeowner has no control over who is hired to do the work in their home. Our clients routinely complain that they don’t feel that they have any control over the rebuilding process and the money never flows through their checkbooks. The insured has no purse string payment control over the people they are trying to get to finish the work in their home and have absolutely no say on anything. Homeowners who wish to make their own repairs with their own hands cannot do that. Homeowners who want to use their own contractors cannot use them. The insured has no control.

Right to Repair Clause

Right to Repair Clause in Insurance ContractIf you bought an insurance policy with a right to repair clause, typically, the insurance company will send a water extraction, mold remediation and rebuilding construction company to look at your loss. These workers are not trained in
the statutes of insurance in Florida, they do not hold licenses and yet are put in charge of making coverage decisions regarding the depth and breadth of your loss. They will bring in an insurance adjuster from the main office via Facetime. The adjuster never comes out to see your loss first hand and can only see things in two dimensions. And remember, that adjuster and the company that was sent to your home to repair the damage both work for the insurance company.
Not for you…

Policy with Right to Repair Clause


If you bought a policy with a right to repair clause and your home has sustained damage, we can still get you the money needed to hire your own contractors to put your home in its original condition.

Over the years we have had success in working to get the carriers to provide our clients the ability to hire their own contractors and to make sure the work gets done to their satisfaction because our clients hold the money till they are completely happy with their contractor’s work!

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Right to Repair

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