Do You Need Help with Tornado Related Home Insurance Claims in Fort Myers?

Storms may be a part of everyday weather patterns in Fort Myers, but nobody thinks a tornado will come ripping through its neighborhood. At Florida’s Best Public Adjusters Fort Myers, we know that tornadoes can create incredible destruction. Homeowners can try to recoup the funds needed to fix tornado related home damages through home insurance claims in Fort Myers, but home insurance companies aren’t exactly helpful in many cases. Have your tornado damage claims been underpaid or denied? Are you wondering if you even have a claim at all? Our public home insurance claims adjusters in Fort Myers are here to help.

Cape Coral and Fort Myers have experienced some serious tornadoes this year, and the damages are still continuing to grow. Our team is here to help homeowners with their home insurance claims in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, and we’re committed to providing the best solutions for homeowners whose properties have been affected by tornado damage. Tornado damages include:

  • Garage door damage
  • Hail damage
  • Roof damage
  • Structural damage
  • Shattered windows
  • Exposed underground pipes
  • Pool enclosure damage

The debris tossed about during a tornado can also cause considerable damage on your property, but we’re here to help. Our claims adjusters in Fort Myers will help you properly prove your damages, then we’ll advocate for your rights, fighting for your best possible settlement.

We’re already having checks roll in for our clients and their tornado damage claims. One family’s insurance company originally offered $17,000 for tornado damage repairs. Our public adjusters fought hard for our client, working towards a higher settlement. We just got our client a check for $78,000 to fix its tornado damage claims!

Tornado damages are still affecting homes all around Cape Coral and Fort Myers, so it’s important to get the proper payment from your insurance company for the right repairs. Your insurance company has professionals advocating for their best interests, don’t you think you deserve the same? At Florida’s Best Public Adjusters Fort Myers, we know that working through home insurance claims in Fort Myers without the right help can wind up costing you. Don’t leave money on the table! We’re here to help you get the best settlement possible. If you have tornado damage, storm damage or any other home damages, it’s time to call on our public claims adjusters in Fort Myers. We’ll help at no upfront cost to you, and we won’t get paid unless you get paid. Call (239) 580-6482 to get started.

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