The Dangerous Practice of Post-Claim Underwriting

An interesting story has come out of Palm Beach County where some policy holders of Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Co. of Fort Lauderdale were stunned at what happened when they filed claims. According to reports in the Palm Beach Post, these customers had their coverage was rescinded due to liens that Universal said the…
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What a Drop in Liability Coverage Means for You

If you take a close look at your Citizens home insurance policy, you’ll notice that your personal liability coverage has dropped from $300,000 to $100,000 in your renewal of May 1, 2012. Personal liability insurance might be one of those policies we don’t give much thought to because we don’t think we’ll ever need…
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The Importance of Law and Ordinance Coverage

Law and Ordinance Coverage: Hurricane Andrew and the $30 billion price tag it left behind forever changed Florida, and the changes put into place statewide following the storm have had a big impact on your home insurance policy. For many years, Florida’s reaction to hurricane damage was just to clear the mess and rebuild. But…
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