Collier County Public Adjusters


We at Florida’s Best Public Adjusters want to clear up some common misconceptions about homeowner’s insurance that Collier County property owners may have. In general, business and home policyholders trust their insurers to look out for their best interests. People who have insurance may think that their insurance company will handle their claims quickly and fairly. The public adjusters in Collier County know that this kind of thing doesn’t happen very often in the field of insurance claims. Most of the time, insurance companies either don’t pay at all or pay very little. Our experienced and trusted adjusters will make sure that doesn’t happen with your claim.


How Can I Make The Most of My Collier County Insurance Claims?

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters is dedicated to giving all of their client’s great service and taking care of any claims that come up. If you want to get your home back to the way it was before the disaster, you need to get the most out of your Collier County insurance claim.

If you live in Collier County, Florida, which has the best public adjusters in the state, call us right away if you want to get the most from your insurance settlement. You can count on us to be there for you every step of the way as your insurance claim moves through the system. We won’t send you a bill if your insurance company doesn’t pay.

Our Services Include:
– Damage Assessment Repair
– Document Preparation
– Damage Documentation
– Initial Claim Submission
– Claim Resubmission if your claim was Denied or Underpaid

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters in Collier County Will Help with Which Types of Claims?

Our public adjusters help homeowners in the area with many different types of insurance claims. Hurricane Ian caused significant damage to homes and businesses in Collier County. When Hurricane Ian hit Florida, there were some damage claims that were either not paid at all or paid out at a very small fraction of their total value.

Claim types that are most common to us include:
Water Damage
– Falling Objects
– Theft
– Vandalism
Storm Damage
Mold Damage
Smoke & Fire Damage
– & More

Some of our best public adjusters in Florida work in Collier County. They help people file claims with their insurance companies for storm and flood damage. You can trust us because we have helped a lot of people in the Collier County area file claims for damage caused by smoke, fire, some form of storm damage, and even mold damage. If a natural disaster has caused damage to your home, like broken pipes or broken equipment, you have the right to the best help possible.

It’s important to get help from an expert when making an insurance claim. We have a team of licensed experts ready to help you at Florida’s Best Public Adjusters. Our company has been around for more than ten years, and more than 10,000 people in this state use our services. Since the beginning, the Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ because of how much we care about our customers.

You should never settle for less than what you believe your claim is worth. Call (800) 952-7693 right away to set up your free first consultation. Keep in mind that neither we nor you will get paid until your insurance company does.