Florida's Best Public Adjusters

$25,000 Cooper City Roof Leak

Property Damage Claim

First, the client in Cooper City Florida obtained an initial settlement of $12,000.00 for a roof leak damage claim. Then, Florida’s Best Public Adjusters™ negotiated an additional $13,000.00. In conclusion, our Public Adjusters settled the claim for a total of $25,000.00 through mediation without a lawsuit.

Can I file an insurance claim on a leaky roof?

Your leaky roof, like your plumbing, will not be covered by your home insurance if it occurs as a result of your failure to maintain your house. If your roof is destroyed in a storm, on the other hand, you should be covered for roof repairs as well as any inside damage caused by water pouring through.


Tips for filing a water leak insurance claim

  • Photograph the original and subsequent damage of the leak.
  • To avoid more damage, control the leak and perform small repairs.
  • To establish the amount of the damage and the cost of repairs, contact Fl Best Public Adjuster