$18,500.00 Faucet Leak

Faucet Leak | Boynton Beach, FL Home Damage: Client’s kitchen faucet leaked Insurance Carrier Offer: Settle for $8,619.39 Florida’s Best Public Adjusters Opened Claim: August 2014 Florida’s Best Public Adjusters Secured Client: $18,500.00 plus legal expenses

$90,000.00 Mold Claim

Mold Damage | Boca Raton, FL Client was denied mold coverage in November 2011, as the Insurance Company claimed the damage was from an old AC leak. Florida’s Best Public Adjusters re-opened the claim in March 2013 and secured the client $90,000.00 plus legal expenses for the roof leak. January 2015

$31,250 Roof Deck Patio Leak

Roof Deck Patio Leak | Miami Shores, FL Client’s 3rd floor Roof Deck (Patio) Leaked into kitchen behind cabinets and into laundry area. In January 2014 a Florida Carrier paid $0 stating the loss was less than the deductible. Florida’s  Best Public Adjusters  estimated damages to be > $30,000.00 Carrier was sued for payment. Florida’s Best…

$54,000.00 Wind & Rain Damage Claim

Wind & Rain Damage | Boca Raton, FL Client had wind blown rain damage to  floors and walls in the family room and kitchen. Frontline Insurance offered $25,000.00 Florida’s Best Public Adjusters re-opened claim in September 2014 and Secured Client three additional payments bringing  the total to $54,000.00 plus legal expenses. March 2015

$38,000 Refrigerator Line Leak

Client’s refrigerator water line Leaked | Wellington, FL Florida’s Best Public Adjuster opened claim in December 2013 against Florida Peninsula and estimated damaged to be more than $30,000.00. Florida Peninsula invoked the right to repair and denied the claims. Florida’s Best Public Adjuster Secured Client $38,000.00 plus legal expenses. March 2015