Water Damage

“We Work for You, Not For the Insurance Company”

water damage

“We Work for You, Not For the Insurance Company”

  • Do: put us in your speed dial or contacts now.
  • Do:move any personal property that may be affected by spreading
  • Do turn off the water to your home and do what you can temporarily to ” mitigate” your damages to your home and property .
  • Do call us for recommendations on who to call to dry out your home.
  • Do call us for recommendations for a qualified plumber.
  • Do get as much of the water out as soon as possible.
  • Do rent or purchase dehumidifier(s) to assist with drying out your home.
  • Do make a list of all items of personal property that have been damaged by the water. A written list or a list taken with pictures or video is fine.
  • Do not assume you do not have a water damage claim.
  • Do not repair the damage till we inspect and measure and photograph the damages.
  • Do not repair the damage till we get the Independent Adjuster assigned to your case from your insurance company to look at the damage as well.
  • Do not throw out any personal property damaged by the leak until the insurance company has inspected and photographed personal property that was damaged or destroyed.
  • Do not sign any contracts with any remediation firms without seeking advice from your attorney.
  • DO NOT SIGN ANY AGREEMENTS WITHOUT GETTING AN ESTIMATE IN WRITING.  We can give you guidance as to whether the estimate if fair or not.  Do not sign over

Residential (Condo and Single Family) and Commercial property owners suffer water damage.  There is a variety of different types of water damage, each having specific water mitigation methods.  It is highly important in situations involving water damage that the problem is addressed and resolved ASAP, as it can lead to mold and corrosion.Water Damage can occur from:

  • Ceiling leak
  • Air conditioning waste line back-up
  • Flooding
  • Broken pipe in the bathroom
  • Kitchen sink leak
  • Hurricane damage
  • Sewer flooding

Encountering any of the above can be an unsettling event for anyone, leading to a frightened or excited response, but it’s very important to deal with water damage in a fast and systematic way.We have direct lines to water extraction companies that are reputable 6 them get worse. We will review your policy and advice on how much you can do before the claim is initiated.Preparation makes an emergency less daunting.  Whether you’re in Palm Beach or Coral Springs, when damage by water has been detected, call us on your speed dial at (800) 952-7693.  We answer the phone 24/7. Or feel free to email us at info@flbestpublicadjusters.com or through our website by submitting a request.We look forward to working on your behalf to obtain the most money for your claim.