A Common Residential Accident

A common type of residential accident involves falling or dropped objects. This type of accident may lead to property damage or personal injury or both. These two types of insurable loss are typically covered by different policies. This can be confusing for the policyholder who may see it as one accident and not understand how the different types of insurance coverage work.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor personal injury, you will typically need to see a licensed physician. You will need to report the accident, get it documented in your medical records, and document the severity of the injury. Generally speaking, you cannot simply state “I had an accident” and expect to be compensated. You almost always need some form of official documentation.

For property damage, your best bet is to call a public adjuster and let them properly document the incident and extent of damage. For most homeowners, their house is their single biggest financial asset. Thus, residential accidents are not only personally distressing but often are a serious threat to current and future financial security.

Damage from an accident can be far more extensive and expensive than is readily apparent. Claims filed by public adjusters typically pay several times as much money as those filed by the policyholder without benefit of professional representation. What might seem like superficial or cosmetic damage may involve structural damage.

Given the stakes, this is no time to bet on getting your due. You need to plan on it. You need someone in your corner. You need a public adjuster.

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