Could You Have Ground Water Threatening Your Home or Business?

3383985_8dc7b9ce-300x185Since life as we know it is heavily dependent upon water for its very survival, human developments are generally very near some significant source of water. In fact, most of the world’s population is concentrated along coastlines, rivers and lake shores. However, much of the water impacting our lives is essentially invisible because it is in the ground beneath our feet.

In large amounts, like heavy rain or sudden tidal storm surge, water can become a violently destructive force of nature, washing away entire buildings. Even in relatively small but regular amounts, it can do shocking amounts of damage to a building. The first form of danger is fairly obvious to most people but the latter problem is the one you most need to guard against.

According to Environment Specialists, “Groundwater flooding lasts longer and causes more long term damage to property than other types of flooding.” Additionally, the USGS indicates that groundwater can contain many contaminants and can thus be a health hazard similar to a toxic chemical spill. In short, ground water seeping into your basement or eroding your foundation is no small matter. The problem may remain hidden for a long time and suddenly turn into a nightmarish problem.

If you have any reason to believe that ground water is impacting your home or business, do not play around. Please call a public adjuster pronto and find out just how serious it is. Let them help you get it properly resolved. Let an experienced professional document the damage and advocate on your behalf with your insurance company. Think of it this way: Although you cannot see the ground water, the amount of water pushing against your house out of sight and out of mind beneath the surface can be just as large and heavy as a lake.

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