Public Adjuster for Minor Roof Damage

WindDamageRoof-300x225Insurance companies have an inherent need to look out for their profitability. This creates conflict of interest because, in practice, this means they sometimes are trying harder to cover their own bottom line than they are to cover your damages. This is where a public adjuster comes in very handy.

Let’s look at a case study: Over the summer, one of our clients had lightning strike his home in a small coastal town in Florida. It was discovered that lightning had hit the roof and destroyed about 15 tiles plus scorched the decking. His insurance company offered to cover only minor roof damage with a repair for $900.00.Unfortunately, this was not satisfactory. The roof tiles on this 22 year old house could no longer be matched in shape or color. This issue is not just a cosmetic problem. Patching a roof with dissimilar roofing tiles can also compromise the structural integrity of the roof, thereby putting the house at risk of additional damage.In order to properly address the roof issue, we put in a claim for a whole new roof. That was the only means to adequately address the problem given the facts of the situation. The insurance company stated that the damage was not more than 25%, thus they did not wish to cover an entire new roof. They further stated that they could match the roof and they had a roofer that would do the repairs and stand by them. Eventually, the roofer admitted that he lied. He admitted he could not match the roof nor even get a permit for the repair of the roof damage. Ultimately, we got our client more than $36,000 to replace his roof. The repair was scheduled to begin within 10 days. As you can well imagine, our client was quite pleased with the outcome.

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