State Farn paid our client $26,000. We reopened the claim and obtained an additional $16,000.

Does Home Insurance Cover Frozen Pipes?

Typically, water damage caused by a burst frozen pipe is covered by your home’s insurance, which includes cleaning and any repairs. Your claim may not be covered if you shut off your heat after leaving your residence for a few days, causing the pipes to freeze as the outside temperature fell.

You may avoid a freeze-related calamity by taking proactive measures to maintain and preserve your pipes. When you’re not at home, replace the thermostat’s battery and set the temperature to a minimum of 55°. If you’ll be gone for a long time, have a relative or friend check on your house and ensure sure the heat is turned on as needed. Winterize your home if you’re going to be gone for the full winter. This entails completely emptying your plumbing system and turning off your water supply.