Mold Damage

“We Work for You, Not For the Insurance Company”

mold damage

  • Do put our number 800-952-7693 into your contacts and speed dial.
  • Do call us for the names of qualified remediation firms.
  • Do not move personal property from the affected area into cleaner areas of your home.
  • Do not use fans to remove moisture. It may make the mold damage spread more quickly.
  • Do not open windows and try to get fresh air in to the affected area(s). Humid air will accelerate mole growth.
  • Do not attempt to clean the mold yourself.
  • Do not sign any contracts with any mold remediation firms without seeking advice from your attorney. If you insist on hiring a firm then only sign to have them clean and remove mold from your home. Do not sign a contract to have them do the repairs on your home after the water damage. If you decide they are not the firm for you, and even if they did not perform the work, they usually have in the fine print a 20% penalty clause for liquidated damages on their contracts and you will have to pay them even if you do not use them to do the work.

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters knows all too well what limitations are in your insurance policy when it comes to mold damage.  Mold needs three things to grow:

  1. It needs something to eat like drywall, insulation, wood or paint.
  2. Something to drink.
  3. Lastly, it needs heat.

Mold can’t grow if it is missing one of these essential items.

The only way to know how much mold (and what kind of mold) is present is to have a mold test performed.  Approximately two to five samples will need to be taken to see what the mold count is.  One sample is a control sample measuring mold outside and adjacent to your residence and the rest would be inside the residence near where you see or smell mold present.

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters maintains a list of licensed mold testing and remediation companies and is happy to provide names and numbers upon request.  They can kill it, clean it and treat it, so it is unlikely to return.

Mold can be seen or unseen.  Do not attempt to clean the mold yourself.  Don’t move personal property from the affected area into cleaner areas of your home.  Don’t open windows and try to get fresh air in to the affected area(s).  Don’t try and use fans to remove moisture.  It may make the mold spread more quickly.

South Florida, in general, is a common place to find mold damage due to the heat and rainfall that we must deal with while we enjoy the other benefits of “Living in Paradise”.



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