Who Helps with Lighting Damage Insurance Claims Fort Myers?

With 111 rainy days per year on average, Fort Myers sees its fair share of storms. Lighting often comes hand in hand with storms, tornadoes and hurricanes as well. If lighting has struck your property, you may not know how to fix all the damage that’s been caused. Such a quick strike of lighting can create fire, water and smoke damage as well. If your property has been damaged in such a way, you need the help of an insurance claims adjuster in Fort Myers. Our team at Florida’s Best Public Adjusters Fort Myers is here to help with your lighting damage insurance claims in Fort Myers.

You purchased your home insurance plan for a situation just like this, the unforeseen circumstance that can create major damage on your property. But, many homeowners are shocked to learn that their home insurance company doesn’t have their best interests at heart. After all, your insurance company is a business that’s trying to protect its best interests. What does this mean for your lightning insurance claims in Fort Myers? It means that your insurer may try to pay you as little as possible, underpaying or even denying your lightning damage claim.

At Florida’s Best Public Adjusters Fort Myers, we’re here to help see that this doesn’t happen. We’re committed to advocating for your best interests, working to negotiate the best insurance payment possible. This is especially important in regards to lighting damage, because this damage can be extensive. Roofing damage is one common problem that happens with lightning strikes. You may need to replace roofing tiles, flashing and even parts of your attic as well.

In addition to physical damage, the smoke and fire damage that lightning strikes create can be expensive. Fire damage can bring destruction to any part of your home, and the smoke that comes along with lightning fires can be particularly frustrating. You may be facing mold damage, stained walls and water damage as well. Our public adjusters are here to help you receive the necessary funds for proper repairs.

If you’re just getting started on your lightning damage insurance claims in Fort Myers, it’s important to give our public adjusters a call. We will provide invaluable assistance for homeowners whose claims have been denied or underpaid by their insurer. Whether your lightning damage is minimal or extensive, you deserve great home repairs. It all starts with receiving your proper insurance settlement. Call our insurance claims adjusters at Fort Myers at (239) 580-6482 to learn how we can help at no upfront cost to you.


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