Now is the Time to Reopen Your Denied Hurricane Irma Claim

If you are thinking of reopening a Hurricane Irma claim, now is the time.

Many Hurricane Irma victims are not getting a fair shake from their insurer. According to the Office of Insurance Regulations, more than 300,000 Hurricane Irma claims were closed without payment and more than 90,000 remain unresolved.

The three most common reasons used by insurance companies to deny or underpay Hurricane Irma claims are:

  1. The insurance company does not believe the damage was caused by Hurricane Irma.
  2. The insurance states that the damage should be paid by a separate flood policy.
  3. According to the insurance company, the damage reported falls below the hurricane deductible.

When your property experiences damages, you want to make sure you are getting the best insurance settlement from your insurance company. Therefore, you should call a public adjuster to review the damage, provide a comparative estimate of the cost of the repair and reopen a claim with the insurance company on your behalf.  

If your Hurricane Irma claim was denied or if you are considering reopening your claim, it is in your best financial interest to do so now.

It is important to realize that Florida law stipulates that in the event of a declared emergency by the Governor’s office, Public Adjusters are only entitled to receive 10% for any claim made in the first year after the date of loss.

For Hurricane Irma, a State of Emergency was declared on September 10th and the 12 month period is about to expire.

Regardless of whether your loss is large or small, our public adjusters can help you  with these services:

  1. Analyze your policy to get the maximum claim coverage.
  2. Inspect the property damage and estimate all losses.
  3. Notify the insurance company that your claim being reopened.
  4. Ensure the insurance company obtains proper documentation.
  5. Deal with insurance company staff and provide them with estimates.
  6. Negotiate with the insurance company for a fair and equitable settlement.

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters offers professional insurance claim representation at no initial cost to you. Our Public Adjusters service all 57 counties in the state of Florida, with offices in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers and Orlando FL. In conclusion, if you have any questions about your claim, call (800) 952 – 7693 to speak to a licensed public adjuster.

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