When To File a Home Insurance Claim?

How do you decide when file a home insurance claim?

Following the significant loss to your home, it may feel like a race to make repairs and make an insurance claim.  While most policies require you take all reasonable steps to mitigate your damages, they also expect the homeowner to show the damaged property to your carrier.

To navigate this disconnect between policy provisions, it is good practice to photograph and document all repairs to your property.  You have the obligation to notify your carrier within a reasonable timeframe so that the property damage can be properly documented. The failure to show the damaged property could result in the denial of your claim.

Even if you have secured the right coverage for your home, there are certain policy conditions that must be met before payment is issued. Florida’s Best Public Adjuster  can help you handle all aspects of your claim and work with your insurer to obtain a successful resolution of your claim.

Our Public Adjusters Provide Professional Insurance Claim Representation For The Following Types of Loses: Water Damage, Roof Leaks, Hurricane, Flood, Smoke & Fire, Mold, Business Interruptions and more.

Also, we need to talk about not filling until you are sure your claim is significantly larger than your deductible.  After Hurricane Irma, we advised more than 70 percent of prospective insureds not to make claims. This is after we estimated the total damage and compared it to the amount of the insurance deductible which can run from two to five percent of the total insured value.  Making the decision not to make a claim allows you to avoid claims caused increases in your premiums. Let us help you decide “to make or not to make” a claim.

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters represent the interest of the policyholder!

If you filed a homeowner’s insurance claim and feel your insurer should pay more than they estimated, or wrongfully denied your claim, you aren’t helpless. Florida’s Best Public Adjusters can help!

Florida’s Best Public Adjusters services the entire state of Florida. Our offices are located in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers,  Orlando  and Tallahassee FL. Call us at (800) 952 – 7693 to find out more.


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